EEMS Accelerate helps car firms to develop alternative fuel vehicles

A British initiative is helping small automotive firms to become the pioneers of alternative motor fuels.

The Energy Efficient Motor Sport (EEMS) consortium comprises of four individual niche companies that have been brought together to boost manpower and increase developmental expertise – Delta Motorsport, Ecotricity, Lightning and Westfield.

Marc de Jong, senior project consultant to EEMS Accelerate said: “It’s tough for these companies to survive, particularly in this economic climate, so by bundling together their strengths and taking care of some of their overheads, the consortium becomes much stronger than the individual.”

Established in 2004, the EEMS was created to encourage motorsport and performance car industries to find successful ways of improving sustainability. Mr Jong said: “The thinking behind motorsport does translate to energy efficiency. What is used to go faster in motorsport can be used to go farther in a sustainable road car. Several small British companies were working on electric vehicles, so we banded them together in a consortium”.

Funding for the consortium comes from the government’s Business, Innovations and Skills department via the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), which funds another seven consortia under the Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator – a national programme designed to assist new electric and plug-in hybrid cars to develop.

Mr Jong said the EEMS hope to change the public perception of hybrid vehicles: “It’s a great opportunity to catch the eye by making a car that looks more stylish or dynamic than the average electric vehicle. Electric vehicles don’t have to be a drag, so we want to challenge people to think differently.”

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