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Drivers leave £300 worth of belongings in cars

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Motorists leave almost £300 worth of personal items in their cars, research from a gocompare poll has revealed.

Over two fifths of the 2000 participants in the survey on ‘glove box stashing’ said they leave their SatNav in their boot or glove box, according to the findings of the price comparison site.

Just over 30% of respondents said they have left their mobile phone in their car followed by 29% who admitted to leaving their wallet or purse behind.

Glove boxes alone were found to contain £112 worth of goods and the average value of items left in car boots totalled up to £165. Aside from SatNavs, mobiles and wallets, 15% of drivers said they have left their laptop in the boot as well as power tools, golf clubs and other sporting equipment. (more…)